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Implementation methodology

NAVTECH GROUP uses its own methodology for system implementation, with proven quality in multiple successful projects. It is customer-oriented and guarantees easy implementation and quick transfer of the knowledge to the customer. The methodology offers a variety of approaches, depending on the conditions and type of the customer company, allowing optimization of project activities and facilitates customers in the implementation and launch of the system operation.

This methodology is based on “Sure Step” methodology, which is developed by Microsoft by following principles:

  •            To reduce risks and to provide better predictability for customers;
  •            To give more control over the project;
  •            To maximize the return on investment for the customer;
  •            To ensure successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV within scheduled time and budget.

At the same time based on accumulated through years experience and knowledge, NAVTECH GROUP has refined the methodology so as to further increase its efficiency.

The implementation methodology includes following Phases:

Phase 1: Preparation for implementation with three stages:

Kick-off meeting - Includes wide range of activities related to the planning and organization of the implementation. The teams from both parties that will participate in the project are selected. The project scope is thoroughly defined and the project plan-schedule is generated. This information is generalized in a project handbook, which will be the basic document for the implementation. The NAVTECH GROUP project manager prepares project plan and risk register.

System installation –  The installation shall proceed with the installation of MS Dynamics; test database initiation and after that basic testing will be performed to ensure that the installation is working properly. Involvement of CUSTOMER’ system administrator is extremely valuable at this stage to assist with system access and software installation and to ensure maximum knowledge transfer from NAVTECH GROUP technical consultant, who is responsible for system installation.

Key users training (groups from 6-8 persons) – In order to complete successful Analysis phase NAVTECH GROUP is proving detailed key user training for standard system functionalities, included in project scope.

Full participation of key users in this training is a factor, so they can be most effective in analyze and testing of the system and to provide the necessary assistance in the end users training and to explain the new rules and business processes enforced by the ERP-system implementation.


Outputs & Deliverables for this Phase:

  •            Project Charter
  •            Project plan
  •            Risk Register
  •            MS Dynamics licensed software and MS Dynamics license files
  •            Installation Protocol
  •            System Administration training manual
  •            Key users training plan and protocol
  •            Training evaluation forms

Phase 2: Analysis

In this phase a thorough analysis is made of company business processes, weak and strong sides of management organization, critical factors and other known parameters. Here the conceptual design of the system and the required additional functionality is performed. The requirements to the future system are specified. The result is an Functional Requirment  Document (FRD), with attached implementation offer and project plan for the rest of the implementation.

In case that new functionalities are requested by key users, NAVTECH GROUP is preparing Gap-Fit document, which described their realization and estimation for their implementation.

After approval of FRD and Gap-Fit NAVTECH GROUP project manager is preparing updated project plan and budget.

At end of this phase both project managers are planning data migration tasks.

Outputs & Deliverables for this Phase:

  •            Plan for analysis workshops
  •            Enterprise Design Document (FRD)
  •            Gap/Fit document
  •            Updated project plan and budget (if any changes in scope have been identified).
  •            Data migration plan
  •            Templates for data migration

Phase 3: Design and development

Includes a detailed design, implementation and testing of the additional system functionality. The consultancy tasks include preparation of development specifications, testing of new functionalities, providing of data migration templates and assistance to customer for their preparation.

Outputs & Deliverables for this Phase:

  •            Development specifications

Phase 4: Deployment

This phase includes 5 stages:

System setup – includes activities for modules configuration, included in project scope. 

Static data migration – includes activities for import of static data – chart of accounts, dimensions, fixed assets, customers, vendors, items, BOMs, routings etc.

End User Training (groups from 6-8 persons) – in this stage NAVTECH GROUP consultants are providing detailed training to end users with the ready configured system.

User acceptance testing – The purpose of this stage is testing of all procedures, documents and reports described in Analysis Phase.

NAVTECH GROUP will provide standard test script, which has to be customized by customer with test cases according to daily tasks of users. It is customer obligation to record test results.

All issues and requests for new modifications will be recorded in Issue log register.

NAVTECH GROUP consultants are providing assistance to users by execution of testing activities.

If the test result is positive, it starts the regular operation of the system and the after-go-live support.

Import of opening balances– includes activities for import of prepared and validated by customer Excel files for opening balances – G/L, FA, customer, vendors, bank accounts and inventory.

Outputs & Deliverables for this Phase:

  •            Configured system
  •            Updated data migration plan
  •            End users training plan and protocol
  •            User manuals
  •            Training evaluation forms
  •            User Acceptance testing plan, scenario and UAT results
  •            Protocol for UAT acceptance
  •            Plan to perform integration tests
  •            Protocol for performed integration test
  •            Open issues register
  •            Imported static data and opening balances

Phase 5: Go-live

This stage starts with system go-live. NAVTECH GROUP  consultants will be providing on-site assistance in first days of live running and with first month closing in agreed scope, also on-line and remote help to the users when necessary.

The phase finishes with signing of Project Sign-off protocol – 15 days after Go-live date.

Outputs & Deliverables for this Phase:

  •            Monitoring and document of incidents/results, and
  •            Customer Support/Helpdesk Procedures
  •            Go-live protocol