At Navtech Group we're happy to announce our partnership with TBI Buy – a shopping app that improves relationship between merchants and customers. The common thing between both of us is our mission to support merchants in their digital transformation.

Every business is suitable for such mobile platform as TBI Buy – it’s great opportunity for everyone who wants to shorten the distance between business and clients offering them a personalized shopping experience.

Currently, TBI Buy has over 260 active partners – big electronics chains, restaurants, gas stations, leading beauty brands & dermatology, manufacturers, and many others.

All of our Navtech partners can benefit from the integrated solutions we created together with TBI Buy making loyalty accessible to merchants of all kinds. Any company interested in the TBI Buy will be onboarded seamlessly, as it’s already integrated with our software. Our consultants are experts in various industries, and they are fully committed to implement customized business solutions from start to finish. If you have a unique requirement, we will develop whatever is needed specifically for your business.

TBI Buy mobile platform will provide to your customers an innovative solution splitting your payment in instalments with no fees, and online shopping options.

The process is easy –  the customer scans digital card when paying. It's a win-win process. Clients get bonus points and special offers, merchants build loyalty, increase sales, retain their customers, and get to know clients to make much better offers in the future. TBI Buy is free and doesn’t collect any personal data other than the phone number used for registration.

If you’re interested, please contact us to provide you with more information and help you grow with NavTech & TBI Buy!

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